About Us

Manager's Message

Dear Parents, Guardian and Students,

As the Manager of K.V Convent Higher Secondary School it gives me immense pleasure and confidence in seeing the growth of the school. l am vastly reassured by the success of the school in the field of education, sports and co-curricular activities that the school is progressing in the right direction.
The children are the future of a nation and the principal goal of education is to develop them as men and women who are creative thinkers, inventors and discoverers. A school must provide its students an atmosphere for multifaceted development, where children are encouraged to pursue their goals.
I take immense pride in stating that our endeavors have always been to move in this direction. I firmly believe that, besides the infrastructure and the resources, it is the quality and approach of the staff that matters the most and since the inception of this school, I have been noticing a gradual progress and growth in this field. This has been possible because of the combined efforts made by School Management, Principal, Teachers, School Staff and the Students. I am extremely happy to state that this school has been able to live up to the trust reposed on it by the parents.

Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Students will progress better, if the parents and teachers join hands, the students can progress more comfortably. Behaviour environment around them. The job of a school is to supplement and support efforts of the parents to enrich the personalities of students with knowledge and academic skills such as reasoning, debating, responding logically to numerous stimule as well as to impart the skills of socialising, establishing emotion, creativity, oldness, harmony etc. In fact, the parents and teachers actively support each other to make children all rounder in every field. And also help them to bear tension, unbounded fears and prejudices. You should always listen to what your child to talk about. You should take active interest in their lives. Your attentive listening, empathy and understanding will encourage them to confide in you. You should spare the time to discover, analyze and support your child’s dream. School dairy is effective medium of liaison between parents and teachers. School diary must be used as a mean for achieving this goal. It is the best way to keep the parents apprised of the progress of their children in the school. If this almanac is made an effective link between parents and teachers, parents will be the first teacher and teacher will be the second parents. I have received unstinted co-operation of the staff members in this difficult task and the outcome has been consistent excellence shown by the students not only in the academic results but also in various field of extracurricular activities.
With Regards

Special Highlight

1. Unique Curriculum
2. English Speaking programme
3. Life skill curriculum
4. Special caring in personal hygiene, health and environment.
5. Web support learning.
6. Classrooms with interactive boards.
7. Extra classes for G.K and Maths.
8. Extra classes for weak students.

Vision and Aims

“ Vision without action – is just a dream action with vision – just passes the time. But vision and action - can change the world.” ( Joel Barker )
1. Aim to produce innovative students and prepare them how to handle situation of life.
2. 2. The school give its best to make the child self-confident, punctual, disciplined, polite and respect their elders.

Our Values

1. Have moral integrity
2. Have care and concern of others.
3. To be able to work unity and value in every contribution.
4. Be enterprising and innovative.
5. To be able to believe in their abide and take pride in their deeds.
6. Be able to think freely for expressing their inner views.
7. To be able to illuminate for their knowledge light.
8. To be able to standing themselves with honour.
9. Celebration of life.