Curricular Activities

Co – curricular Activities

1. Musical activities
2. Debate / speech
3. Models / project
4. Drama / skit
5. Story writing competition
6. Essay writing / calligraphy
7. Wall magazine competition
8. Folk song
9. Recitation competition
10. Various culture activities.

Extra Curricular Activities

1. Games / sports – Badminton, cricket, basketball, football, chess, carom.
2. Dance competition.
3. Singing competition.
4. Art and craft.
5. Traditional culture.


The school has a number of clubs as a part of the life skills program. The school has the following club:
1. Environment club
2. Literary club – Hindi, English
3. Health and wellness club
4. Language club – Hindi
5. Sports club
6. Maths club, English, Sanskrit
7. Science club
8. G.K club
9. Art and craft club - clay art, Painting, Visual art

Special Highlight

1. Unique Curriculum
2. English Speaking programme
3. Life skill curriculum
4. Special caring in personal hygiene, health and environment.
5. Web support learning.
6. Classrooms with interactive boards.
7. Extra classes for G.K and Maths.
8. Extra classes for weak students.

Vision and Aims

“ Vision without action – is just a dream action with vision – just passes the time. But vision and action - can change the world.” ( Joel Barker )
1. Aim to produce innovative students and prepare them how to handle situation of life.
2. 2. The school give its best to make the child self-confident, punctual, disciplined, polite and respect their elders.

Our Values

1. Have moral integrity
2. Have care and concern of others.
3. To be able to work unity and value in every contribution.
4. Be enterprising and innovative.
5. To be able to believe in their abide and take pride in their deeds.
6. Be able to think freely for expressing their inner views.
7. To be able to illuminate for their knowledge light.
8. To be able to standing themselves with honour.
9. Celebration of life.