WELCOME TO K.V Convent Higher Secondary School

The Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step:

K.V Convent Higher Secondary School is located in the sound and clean environment of Develchod Rampur road Haldwani ( Nainital ). It is a dynamic forward looking community of lifelong learners. We at K.V Convent Higher Secondary School offers a learning environment that embodies all principals of childs growth and learning that are derived from the philosophy of progressive education........... Read More

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Manager's Message

Dear Parents, Guardian and Students,

As the Manager of K.V Convent Higher Secondary School it gives me immense pleasure and confidence in seeing the growth of the school. l am vastly reassured by the success of the school in the field of education, sports and co-curricular activities that the school is progressing in the right direction..
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Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Students will progress better, if the parents and teachers join hands, the students can progress more comfortably. Behaviour environment around them. The job of a school is to supplement and support efforts of the parents to enrich the personalities of students.
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Vision and Aims

At K.V Convent Higher Secondary School our endeavour is to be recognized as a model school offering a broad, holistic, challenging stimulating and an integrated educational experience to its pupils.

“ Vision without action – is just a dream action with vision – just passes the time. But vision and action - can change the world.” ( Joel Barker )
1. Aim to produce innovative students and prepare them how to handle situation of life.
2. 2. The school give its best to make the child self-confident, punctual, disciplined, polite and respect their elders.

Our Values

1. Have moral integrity
2. Have care and concern of others.
3. To be able to work unity and value in every contribution.
4. Be enterprising and innovative.
5. To be able to believe in their abide and take pride in their deeds.
6. Be able to think freely for expressing their inner views.
7. To be able to illuminate for their knowledge light.
8. To be able to standing themselves with honour.
9. Celebration of life.

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